Aleksandr Lukashenko meets with Premier of State Council of China Li Keqiang

    Trade and economic cooperation is the foundation for advancing relations between Belarus and China. President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko made the statement as he met with Premier of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China Li Keqiang in Beijing on 17 July.

    “Yesterday together with the President of the People’s Republic of China we reached the common view that whatever our relations can be, personal and interstate ones alike, economy will be the foundation for everything. I asked him to help me and our delegation to establish contacts with you in this regard for the future so that we could make more rapid progress in the area of economy, finance, so that China would work more in Belarus,” the Belarusian head of state said.

    Aleksandr Lukashenko pointed out the strong influence of China on the international arena. “I often say that today’s China is an empire. It is a country without which no issue is settled across the globe and the country should go to Europe. We are ready to help with that, primarily in an economic manner,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

    According to the President, as for the Belarusian-Chinese relations, it is necessary to fulfill a more ambitious task, which is to increase the investment component of the credit and investment cooperation. Belarus is particularly interested in attracting investors to the Chinese-Belarusian Industrial Park. “We will be grateful to the Chinese government for getting maximum assistance in this matter. We are interested in getting the entire world to see cutting-edge Chinese technologies and research products in our park,” the Belarusian head of state remarked.

    Biopharmaceutics, new materials, information and communication technologies are priority sectors. The Belarusian head of state expressed confidence that by joint efforts it will be possible to implement this large-scale project, which is unparalleled in Europe.

    Li Keqiang, for his part, noted that Aleksandr Lukashenko visited the People’s Republic of China many times and is an old friend of China. Li Keqiang expressed confidence that the current visit of the Belarusian President will help advance bilateral relations to a brand-new level while giving a nudge to multifaceted cooperation.

    On 17 July President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko also met with Chairman of the National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference Yu Zhengsheng.

    Aleksandr Lukashenko said that he expects support from the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference in promoting cooperation between Belarus and the People’s Republic of China.

    Yu Zhengsheng remarked that China is well aware of the work of the Belarusian President and his efforts to strengthen friendship and cooperation between the two countries. “More than that, being the Belarusian President you are doing a lot to protect the independence and strengthen the power of your country,” he stressed. Yu Zhengsheng expressed confidence that the current visit of the Belarusian head of state will boost to friendly relations and cooperation between Belarus and China. He reminded that a declaration on establishing all-round strategic partnership between the Belarus and China was signed as part of the visit.

    “I am very glad and flattered that you think this way, because you and the government agency you lead have a great authority in China. I know that no strategic decision is passed without a recommendation and advice of the conference. It is a kind of “a group of wise men” of Greater China that acts in the interests of China and unites not only all Chinese residents, but also people who live outside their Motherland,” the President of Belarus said.

    “I hope that your knowledge of Belarus-China relations and the opinion you voiced make us believe that you will advice Chinese authorities to maintain the same level of friendly relations with Belarus in the future. At least, we hope so,” the Belarusian President added.

    Members of the Belarusian delegation held a number of negotiations, too. As part of the President’s visit to China the sides signed 36 documents, agreements and memoranda to the tune of almost $1.5 billion.

    The official visit of the Belarusian head of state to the People’s Republic of China concluded on 17 July.