Aleksandr Lukashenko meets with Chairman of House of Representatives Vladimir Andreichenko

    President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko has held a working meeting with Chairman of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly Vladimir Andreichenko.

    “You have already got a clear idea of the new parliament, its efficiency and professionalism. It is very important for me. I would like to hear your opinion about the professionalism of the parliament of the new convocation and its continuity,” the President said.

    Vladimir Andreichenko noted that the new MPs are very active and prepared people.

    The head of state was also interested in the nearest plans of the parliament and the work of the Union State Parliamentary Assembly. “Do we have any problems there, is Russia interested in promoting this big and very important project?” Aleksandr Lukashenko asked.

    According to the President, the National Assembly should focus on elaborating the legislative framework for the socioeconomic development program of the Republic of Belarus for 2011-2015. Vladimir Andreichenko informed the head of state that the MPs have already done a lot in this field. The first session of the House of Representatives of the fifth convocation adopted 30 bills; another 55 bills are to be discussed during the second session. The latter mostly deal with the upgrade of the Belarusian economy, which aims to raise the living standards of people and enhance the national security.

    Aleksandr Lukashenko noted that it would be great if MPs accompanied him during his trips across Belarusian regions. Thus the parliamentarians will be able to learn about the problems of a particular region first-hand. The President emphasized the need to improve the interaction of MPs with people and local authorities.

    The President and the Speaker also discussed international activities of the parliament and formation of working groups to promote cooperation with parliaments of other states. Vladimir Andreichenko informed the President about the inter-parliamentary cooperation of Belarusian and Russian law-makers. He emphasized that the cooperation is constructive and efficient.

    In the short-term perspective the Belarusian parliament will boost cooperation with Southeastern Asia. In mid-February a Belarusian parliamentary delegation is to visit Cambodia to discuss ways to expand inter-parliamentary links and implementation of specific projects, including food supplies, establishment of assembly factories and academic ties.

    At the beginning of March Belarus will welcome the Chairman of the People's Representative Council of Indonesia. Belarus will take part in the session of the Inter-Parliamentary Assembly of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations that will be held in September. Belarus has an observer status in this organization.