Aleksandr Lukashenko meets with Belarus’ Prosecutor General Alexander Konyuk

    Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko heard out a report from Prosecutor General Alexander Konyuk on 3 February. The crime rate in the country and priorities in the operation of Belarusian prosecution bodies in 2014 were discussed.

    Aleksandr Lukashenko noted that in addition to that report he would like to hear about results achieved by the entire law enforcement sector in 2013. “You see that I am getting closer to these matters as far as the Defense Ministry, other power-wielding bodies are concerned. A large-scale examination of the Armed Forces is in progress. We should think about the law enforcement sector, including the prosecution services, in certain areas,” said the President.

    The head of state also mentioned the instructions to examine the economic operation of woodworking companies. “I would like the prosecution service to get involved in these processes from the point of view of the law. It seems that heads of individual enterprises have loosened up a bit and not only heads of woodworking enterprises,” remarked the President.

    Aleksandr Lukashenko explained that in addition to failing to fulfill legal acts or standards they are dragging their feet, incurring huge financial damage to the state. “We sometimes chase this or that swindler and it certainly has to be done, we register one hundred million rubles of damage while here we lose millions of dollars,” the head of state cited an example.

    The President also drew attention to agricultural matters. He remarked that some farming enterprises have dozens of company cars. Executives in the Soviet times used to have one deputy while now their number can reach seven. “Yes, they need to take care of large areas of land and so on, there are also professionals for certain fields. Nobody wants to count money while they want to reduce expenses. This state of affairs is also registered in other enterprises, too. I think the prosecution service has work to do in this area,” believes Aleksandr Lukashenko. “I am not telling you to grab everyone and put them in prison. You have other instruments ranging from warnings to recommendations for authorities”.

    “Take a look from the point of view of the prosecution service. It is necessary to help the real sector set things straight. We want people to feel their responsibility. If our talking and convincing fall on deaf ears, we will use other means, too,” remarked Aleksandr Lukashenko.

    The Prosecutor General informed that the overall crime rate had dropped by nearly 5%. At the same time the number of registered grave crimes relating to bribes and abuse of office increased in 2013.

    According to Alexander Konyuk, the facts indicate that law enforcement agencies work harder to reveal these crimes. The facts do not indicate that more crimes are committed. Yet he admitted that there are major shortcomings with regard to the prevention of crimes. The newly revised law on crime prevention will come into force soon and is believed to be able to fix the situation.

    Besides, the meeting also determined priorities for the prosecution service's operation in 2014. Along with the further optimization of prosecution bodies top-priority attention will be paid to taxation and the housing and public utilities.

    “Unfortunately, the mentality of our citizens, economic operators does not meet the time. Taxes are not treated in Belarus as seriously as they are in other countries. Therefore, this year we have to analyze the fulfillment of taxation laws and enforce strict measures,” said the Prosecutor General.

    Speaking about housing and public utilities, Alexander Konyuk drew attention to the rights of citizens involved in using residential premises. “A handful of bums, wretches, and drunks may keep awake or terrorize an entire block of apartments with loud music. People may not sleep for many nights. The prosecution service should be mindful of it and we will take care of these matters in a very serious way,” remarked the Prosecutor General.

    According to Alexander Konyuk, it is necessary to work out a common algorithm to resolve these problems in order to let normal people live their lives peacefully. He noted that the relevant laws are already in place, but their enforcement leaves much to be desired.