Aleksandr Lukashenko makes new appointments in government

    Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko signed decree No. 500 to appoint members of the government.

    In line with paragraph 7 of article 84 of the Constitution of the Republic of Belarus, the head of state appointed:

    Vasily Matyushevsky First Deputy Prime Minister;

    Anatoly Kalinin Deputy Prime Minister;

    Natalya Kochanova Deputy Prime Minister;

    Mikhail Rusy Deputy Prime Minister;

    Vladimir Semashko Deputy Prime Minister;

    Anatoly Cherny Architecture and Construction Minister;

    Igor Shunevich Interior Minister;

    Alexander Terekhov Housing and Utilities Minister;

    Vasily Zharko Healthcare Minister;

    Vladimir Makei Minister of Foreign Affairs;

    Lilia Ananich Information Minister;

    Boris Svetlov Culture Minister;

    Mikhail Amelyanovich Forestry Minister;

    Andrei Ravkov Defense Minister;

    Mikhail Zhuravkov Education Minister;

    Sergei Nalivaiko Taxes and Duties Minister;

    Vladimir Vashchenko Emergencies Minister;

    Andrei Kovkhuto Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection;

    Vitaly Vovk Industry Minister;

    Sergei Popkov Communications and Information Technologies Minister;

    Leonid Zayats Agriculture and Food Minister;

    Alexander Shamko Sport and Tourism Minister;

    Vladimir Koltovich Trade Minister;

    Anatoly Sivak Transport and Communications Minister;

    Marianna Shchetkina Labor and Social Protection Minister;

    Vladimir Amarin Finance Minister;

    Vladimir Zinovsky Economy Minister;

    Vladimir Potupchik Energy Minister;

    Oleg Slizhevsky Justice Minister;

    Valery Vakulchik Chairman of the State Security Committee;

    Sergei Gurulev Chairman of the State Military Industry Committee;

    Andrei Gayev Chairman of the State Property Committee;

    Alexander Shumilin Chairman of the State Science and Technology Committee;

    Viktor Nazarenko Chairman of the State Committee for Standardization;

    Leonid Maltsev Chairman of the State Border Committee;

    Yuri Senko Chairman of the State Customs Committee;

    Igor Sokol Head of the Board of the Council of Ministers.