Aleksandr Lukashenko makes new appointments

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Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko made new appointments on 22 December.

The head of state appointed:

Alexander Poznyak Aide to the Belarus President – Chief Inspector for Vitebsk Oblast;

Alexander Guryanov Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Belarus to the Italian Republic, Permanent Representative of the Republic of Belarus at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations on concurrent.

The President approved the appointment of:

Dmitry Gorodetsky as Chairman of the Zhabinka District Executive Committee;

Valentin Zaichuk as Chairman of the Kamenets District Executive Committee;

Nikolai Shum as Chairman of the Malorita District Executive Committee;

Viktor Askerko as Deputy Chairman of the Vitebsk Oblast Executive Committee;

Gennady Sabynich as Chairman of the Vitebsk District Executive Committee;

Alexander Snarov as Chairman of the Shumilino District Executive Committee;

Alexander Mikalutsky as First Deputy Chairman of the Gomel Oblast Executive Committee;

Dmitry Gaikevich as Chairman of the Zhitkovichi District Executive Committee;

Oleg Arkhipenko as Chairman of the Vetka District Executive Committee;

Sergei Denisenko as Chairman of the Rogachev District Executive Committee;

Sergei Kazetsky as Chairman of the Lyuban District Executive Committee;

Sergei Lenkovets as Chairman of the Pukhovichi District Executive Committee;

Alexander Babichev as Chairman of the Berezino District Executive Committee;

Sergei Levkovich as Chairman of the Uzda District Executive Committee;

Viktor Klimov as Brest Oblast Prosecutor:

Vladimir Mukvich as Deputy Taxes and Duties Minister;

Viktor Sidorovich as Director of the Department of the State Inspectorate of Labor at the Labor and Social Protection Ministry;

Mikhail Malashenko as Deputy Chairman of the State Committee for Standardization – Director of the Energy Efficiency Department;

Igor Zavalei as a member of the Gomel Oblast Executive Committee;

Pavel Ignatov as a member of the Minsk Oblast Executive Committee;

Valery Stadolnik as a member of the Minsk Oblast Executive Committee.

Aleksandr Lukashenko instructed Aide to the Belarus President – Chief Inspector for Vitebsk Oblast Alexander Poznyak to join efforts with the governor to create a normal personnel pool in the region.

“There are many pending issues in Vitebsk Oblast, some of them have remained unsolved since Soviet times. Therefore, together with the governor you should do your best to promote the social and economic development of the region,” the President believes.

Appointing Alexander Guryanov Ambassador to Italy, the President said: "Next year, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs must focus on foreign economic activity, specifically foreign trade.”

The President stressed that Alexander Guryanov has an experience in foreign economic activity. When holding the post of Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Alexander Guryanov was in change of such issues. He was also engaged in the preparation of the Belarusian pavilion at Expo Milano 2015.

Aleksandr Lukashenko paid special attention to discipline and order. “You will do nothing without order and discipline. Iron order is the most important thing,” Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed.

When appointing heads of local administrations the President emphasized: “Another topical issue which concerns me is that a lot of newly appointed executives begin to improve their housing conditions immediately after the appointment despite I warn them that they are on the frontline, are face to face with people. I am not against, but they must do it using their own money.” Aleksandr Lukashenko noted that a lot of chairmen of district executive committees were involved in such affairs.

He also warned: “If you take the post, you should know that you are in full public view, people see everything that you are doing. The coming year will be a very complicated one, I dare say there have not been such difficult years in the history of our country. Russia is in recession, Ukraine which is our second largest market is in trouble, Kazakhstan has difficulties. We just need to hold out. If we work without paying attention to people, without supporting them, if we focus on creating our own financial wellbeing, people will not need such government. Remember it.”

The President stressed that the zones of responsibility have been determined and it is needed to work hard to fulfill the requirements. The interests of people should be the main priority for civil servants. People should have an opportunity to work and earn money.

The head of state noted that the strictest requirements will be applied to government officials.