Aleksandr Lukashenko holds meeting with Deputy PM Sergei Rumas

    Deputy Prime Minister of Belarus informed President Aleksandr Lukashenko about the situation on the foreign currency market and the government measures to prevent the ungrounded price increases at the meeting on 27 February.

    The functioning of the foreign currency and consumer markets is under constant control of the President.

    Over the three weeks of February inflation rate made up 1.4%. The greatest contribution to the price rise was made by higher education services that became 19% more expensive and alcohol excise duties.

    The prices for over 40% of monitored goods remained unchanged or even dropped in February. According to Sergei Rumas, this means that the monetary factors of inflation receded into the background and the prices for a number of commodities have stabilized since the beginning of the year.

    The government of Belarus is finalizing an action plan to keep inflation within the 19% band or even below 15-16% in 2012. The head of state ordered to continue monitoring prices every day.

    The situation on the currency market is also stable. Bank deposits of individuals are on the rise. The growth in demand deposits in Belarusian rubles alone is projected to make Br1 trillion in February.

    Sergei Rumas and Aleksandr Lukashenko also discussed the Eurasian Economic Commission that became operational in January 2012. The head of state was informed about the work to staff departments of the Eurasian Economic Commission. Belarus’ quota makes 6%. Contests were announced for a number of top positions in the departments. Some of them have been closed and Belarusian citizens have been approved to top positions in the EEC.