Aleksandr Lukashenko hears out report of Belarus Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei

    Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko met with Foreign Minister Vladimir Makei to receive his report on 10 September.

    The meeting focused on the international and integration issues, including the preparations for the summits and meetings at the highest level.

    According to the President, on 25 October Minsk will host CIS Heads of State. This meeting is of paramount importance. "We, of course, are working hard ahead of the summit. I think that the Palace of Independence will be ready by this time and will be able to host this important forum,” the head of state noted.

    Not much time is left, Aleksandr Lukashenko said and inquired about the problems in connection with the preparations for the Summit: “Are we prepared for the summit, including in terms of organization? The main thing is the positions of the heads of state. I would like to know if all have been informed, whether all will be in attendance, and other questions in this regard”.

    The President continued: "Then there is the cooperation in the western direction. We have another summit in November, namely the Eastern Partnership. Where are we on this? The fundamental position of the Foreign Minsitry is known, and we hold on to this position. What is happening out in this respect? "

    The meeting addressed the Belarusian-Russian relations, other issues on the international agenda, including the situation in Syria.

    The President is concerned about the fate of the Belarusians in Syria. "We need to bring our citizens home in this critical period. War or not, people are the main thing. I was informed that some just do not want to leave. Yet, we need to offer everybody to return home. They can go back to Syria when the situation stabilizes,” Aleksandr Lukashenko noted.

    After the meeting Vladimir Makei said that this year’s international events schedule of the head of state is pretty intense. There will be at least three trips abroad. Visits of foreign heads of state to Belarus are being prepared. A series of meetings of the integration associations are scheduled, with the Minsk CIS summit being the most important event.

    Belarus, who is holding the CIS chairmanship this year, is implementing its action plan. According to Vladimir Makei, 20 events out of 70 have already been held. The rest are in the implementation phase and will largely be carried out by the CIS Summit.

    The President was briefed on the preparations for the meeting of the Eurasian Economic Council and on the status of development of a treaty on the establishment of the Eurasian Economic Union.

    The Foreign Minister also briefed the President on the prospects of relations of Belarus with the European Union, European partners, and the United States of America.

    Belarus believes that the relationship with foreign partners must be based on an open and sincere dialogue.

    "We are ready to accommodate our partners and build a relationship on an equal, absolutely good neighborly, constructive basis," said Vladimir Makei.

    The head of state was reported on other current issues relating to the activities of the Foreign Ministry, including on the status of implementation of the President's instructions on the HR policy and foreign economic activity.