Aleksandr Lukashenko hears our report of SCC Chairman Alexander Yakobson

    The role of the State Control Committee in the system of Belarusian government agencies should be more prominent. President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko made the statement as he met with Chairman of the State Control Committee (SCC) Alexander Yakobson on 22 October.

    The meeting focused on the fulfillment of the head of state’s instructions by the State Control Committee and ways to improve the operation of the country’s key auditing agency.

    The President believes that the Committee should play a more prominent role in the system of government agencies. The President warned the SCC head against focusing too much on reports, excessive organization and red-tape practices.

    Aleksandr Lukashenko is convinced that the State Control Committee should act more decisively as far as the matters it is responsible for are concerned, and should make relevant decisions. “If the Financial Investigations Department finds some drawbacks, you should make decisions. For instance, if you see that something is wrong with the spending of the state budget, you should make decisions,” the President demanded.

    The head of state mentioned problems of the confectionery industry that he had dealt with a while before. Aleksandr Lukashenko believes that it was the State Control Committee that should have resolved these problems: “Belarusians should know that there is the State Control Committee that should make decisions within its power. The ‘confectionery’ squabbles at Kommunarka are an example. It is a matter for the SCC to deal with. Instead of the President it is the SCC Chairman that had to be there to resolve these problems. You must guard interests of our nation, particularly property matters”. Aleksandr Lukashenko warned that problems like those seen in the confectionery industry are inadmissible in the future.

    Alexander Yakobson informed the Belarus President about the implementation of decree No. 332 that came into force on 1 October to improve auditing practices in Belarus. According to the SCC head, serious improvements have been made. The decree has been positively received by the Belarusian business community. In essence the decree prioritizes analysis, prevention, auditing actions aimed at preventing crimes.

    The SSC Chairman informed the President about some issues in the meat processing industry and problems regarding the restoration of Chernobyl-affected lands. The head of state gave relevant instructions.

    The meeting also touched upon the fulfillment of the Union State budget. “We control the budget and have put forth several initiatives to use up the remaining reserve of the budget,” Alexander Yakobson said.

    He also informed the President about the fulfillment of the instructions regarding the reconstruction of dairy farms, the completion of agricultural field work, and forthcoming personnel optimization of the State Control Committee.