Aleksandr Lukashenko extends Rescuers’ Day greetings

    Greetings to workers and veterans of emergency bodies

    Dear friends,

    I cordially congratulate you on your professional holiday – Rescuers’ Day.

    The society highly appreciates dedication of those who are always ready to act and sacrifice their own lives in order to safe others.

    Courage and self-sacrifice are the distinctive features of many generations of rescuers. During your service associated with alarms and danger you have repeatedly displayed stamina, fortitude and courage.

    Nowadays emergency bodies have a huge potential and are able to resolve existing problems in the most efficient way.

    I am convinced that you will remain an example of selfless service to your country and the people.

    In this holiday I sincerely wish you every success in your responsible service. I also wish strong health, happiness and wellbeing to you and your relatives.

    Aleksandr Lukashenko