Aleksandr Lukashenko extends October Revolution Day greetings 

    Dear compatriots,

    I send my best greetings on the occasion of October Revolution Day.

    Almost a century passed after this date. But even today the October revolution which was held under the auspices of promoting humanist values does not cease to be a landmark event in the global history.

    Free education and healthcare, an eight-hour workday, liquidation of class privileges, freedom of conscience and equality of civil rights of men and women, etc. seem to be natural and indispensable things which were a huge achievement of the time.

    The right of nations to self-determination proclaimed by the Soviet government was the foundation, on which we have built the sovereign state – the Republic of Belarus. Independent Belarus is proud of such achievements as strong people’s power relying on the hierarchy of deputies’ councils, socially-oriented economy, well-developed education, science and culture which are to a large extent based on the BSSR potential.

    There is a good tradition to make labor gifts on 7 November. This year new houses, industrial and social facilities will be commissioned throughout the country. This will testify to the growing wellbeing of the nation.

    I am convinced that this holiday will be celebrated in Belarus as a symbol of our respect of good traditions and achievements of many generations.

    I wish you, dear compatriots, strong health, impressive successes and achievements for the benefit of our Homeland.

    Aleksandr Lukashenko