Aleksandr Lukashenko extends greetings to members of DOSAAF Minsk aeroclub

    Greetings to members of the DOSAAF Minsk aeroclub named after S.Gritsevets

    Dear friends,

    I send my best greetings to the veterans, workers and sportsmen of the DOSAAF Minsk aeroclub named after S.Gritsevets which celebrates the 80th anniversary.

    The history of the aeroclub is inseparably connected with the history of our country. During the Great Patriotic War 15 military pilots who received training in this organization were awarded the Hero of the Soviet Union titles. Many students of the aeroclub fulfilled their international duty in the peaceful time. Several times its athletes became absolute champions in aerial acrobatics, helicopter piloting and sky jumping.

    Today the aeroclub is by right considered the leading training center for pilots and parachutists, future military pilots. It plays a crucial role in the development of aviation sports and popularization of aviation. Aviators stand by their word, display courage and bravery, make a big contribution to the strengthening of Belarus’ defense potential.

    I sincerely wish health, wellbeing, peaceful sky to the members of the Minsk aeroclub. I am convinced that new victories and achievements are ahead of you.

    Aleksandr Lukashenko