Aleksandr Lukashenko delivers address to veterans of war in Afghanistan

    Address to soldiers-internationalists, veterans of the war in Afghanistan

    Distinguished comrades,

    Today we celebrate Remembrance Day for Soldiers-internationalists.

    The country pays a tribute of respect to its sons who in different years fulfilled their military duty with dignity far from the Homeland. Local conflicts remained a never-healing wound for the veterans, mothers, wives, fiancées of the fallen soldiers and officers.

    We bow before the memory of the men whose lives were claimed in hotspots. We are grateful for the courage of those who survived in the crucible of war and today work with good faith and fidelity for the benefit of the state. In modern Belarus you are the vanguard ready to take up the cudgels for the Homeland at any moment. You are a good example for the youth.

    In Remembrance Day I wish you, dear soldiers-internationalists, you families and friends peaceful skies, strong health and well-being.

    Aleksandr Lukashenko