Aleksandr Lukashenko congratulates people on Day of Unity of Peoples of Belarus and Russia

    Dear Belarusians and Russians,

    The Day of Unity of Peoples of Belarus and Russia is not just a memorable date in the history of our courtiers. It is a testimony to the spiritual and cultural unity of the two brotherly nations, close political and economic partnership.

    This year is very special. It starts the third decade in the Union State construction and marks the 25th anniversary of diplomatic relations between our countries.

    The advantages of the Union State integration are undeniable. Together we make a big contribution to ensuring social guarantees and equal rights for Belarusians and Russians, deepening bilateral humanitarian ties.

    A high level of trust enables us to closely interact in the foreign policy and security.

    Within a rather short period of time, the Union State project has unveiled a huge creative potential for the further development of the economies of Belarus and Russia. United by solid cooperation ties, complementarity of our manufacturing and agrarian complexes, strong contacts at the level of regions, we should step up efforts to create a full-fledged single economic space, remove all barriers impeding the development of our integration. Taking into account the requirements of the time, we should focus on science-intensive and advanced technologies which can give an impetus to the bilateral economic progress.

    The recognition of the obvious achievements of the Union State project, a number of innovative ideas make a big contribution to the formation of the viable architecture of the Eurasian integration.

    However, the scale of achievements should not be taken for granted. Various endurance tests show their fragility. Therefore, by joint efforts we will be able to overcome all emerging difficulties, open up new opportunities for the development of the national economies, improvement of the living standards of our peoples and states.

    The Unity Day is a symbol of everlasting value for the Belarusian-Russian friendship. The historical memory and mutual support have always been more important for us than any tactical motives; our common duty is to be loyal to this momentous choice meeting the expectations and aspirations of the peoples of Belarus and Russia.

    I am convinced that the commitment of people to joint creation will serve our nations.

    May our relations become stronger every day giving us confidence in our future, peace and accord!

    Please accept my best greetings on the Day of Unity of Peoples of Belarus and Russia!

    I wish you and your families health and wellbeing!

    Aleksandr Lukashenko