Aleksandr Lukashenko congratulates Hugo Chávez on victory in Venezuelan presidential election

    President of the Republic of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko has congratulated Hugo Chávez on his convincing victory at the Venezuelan presidential election.

    “People in Belarus closely watched the presidential election campaign in Venezuela. We whole-heartedly supported you and your followers and we had no doubts about the victory. We believed that the Venezuelan people will make the right choice to support sustainable development of the country and efforts to raise the well-being of people. This sincere support of people who deservedly evaluate your personal contribution in building the independent, successful, and prosperous state is the best testimony to the fact that you had chosen the right policy to encourage comprehensive changes in the economy and social life. Rapid development of present-day Venezuela rests upon these changes,” the felicitation message reads.

    “Let us do everything possible not to make people regret about their yesterday’s choice and about belief that you are the true national leader who prioritizes the interests of people. We are ready for it!” the head of state said.

    Aleksandr Lukashenko stressed that Hugo Chávez can always rely on “the fraternal shoulder of Belarus in ensuring consistent development of Venezuela in all areas: oil extraction, industry, science and agriculture.”

    The President of Belarus wished the President of Venezuela health, creativity and unflagging energy to continue working in the best interests of the Venezuelan people.