Aleksandr Lukashenko’s working trip to Chernobyl-affected areas

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The Chernobyl-effected districts of Mogilev Oblast’s southeast should be pulled up to the level of the country’s most successful regions, Belarus’ President Aleksandr Lukashenko said as he visited Klimovichi District, Mogilev Oblast, on 25 April, in the run-up to the Chernobyl disaster anniversary.

The head of state was informed about the region’s performance; he also visited the Borisovka dairy farm of the Niva-Agro branch of Klimovichi Bakery and the Klimovichi State Agricultural College and held a session to discuss the development of the southeastern districts of Mogilev Oblast. Besides, the President met with local residents and answered their questions.

Right after the head of state landed in the district, he shared his impressions about the things he saw from the board of the helicopter. He criticized agricultural industry workers for poor farming. In his view, Mogilev Oblast underperforms in many ways. “Klimovichi is part of Mogilev Oblast, and from what I know it is not succeeding, either,” the head of state said. Reviewing the economic performance of Mogilev Oblast, the President said: “The region’s performance is the worst in the country”.

When in Klimovichi, the President visited the Borisovka dairy farm of the Niva-Agro branch of Klimovichi Bakery. Aleksandr Lukashenko was informed about the development of cattle breeding in the region and fulfillment of his instruction to upgrade and build the dairy farm and other facilities and improve the social and economic situation in Mogilev Oblast.

The President was told about the advanced milk production technologies used by the new farm. The President asked about the progress in renovating cattle farms and complexes. “It is an acid test of the work of the governors,” he said. Aleksandr Lukashenko was informed that 170 facilities are being renovated in Mogilev Oblast, 120 of them have already been built.

It turned out that the most pressing problems include the failure to finish renovation works in time and the failure to teach specialists to operate new equipment. “We agreed that first of all we need to send specialists to the best farms and teach them to work there. Why have they not learnt?” the head of stated asked. The Belarusian leader ordered to come to grips with this matter as soon as possible.

Participants of the meeting discussed ways to make cattle breeding more efficient, in particular, dairy production and pig breeding.

Aleksandr Lukashenko ordered to dramatically increase pork production, as the prices for pork started growing.

Top on the agenda was establishment of big holding companies to process farm produce.

Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko criticized the Mogilev Oblast authorities for poor performance of the region’s agribusiness and manufacturing and ordered to take measures to rectify the situation.

The President also visited the Klimovichi State Agricultural College to see how agriculture students are trained there. The head of state was assured that the training system is efficient. Many students, including the local youth, were admitted to the college on employed-sponsored programs. Aleksandr Lukashenko visited classrooms and spoke with the students.