Aleksandr Lukashenko approves plan for working out bills in 2013

    President of the Republic of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko has signed Decree No. 1 to approve the plan for working out bills in 2013.

    The plan had been put together after the reviewing of over 120 proposals made by government agencies and organizations on the basis of the comprehensive appraisal of their justification, an analysis of the need to adopt them and of the possibility of filling the bills with concrete norms, their conformance with real social and economic needs of the society.

    There are plans to prepare four new bills this year. They will deal with unarmed military service, the securities market, the urban electrical transport and metro, and the identification, registration, and traceability of farm animals and animal origin products. Apart from that, a new revision of the Water Code of the Republic of Belarus will be prepared as well as the concept of the bill on self-regulating organizations.

    The President plans to bring in elenen bills to the House of Representatives of the National Assembly. Those are the bills that constitute “the budget package” as well as bills meant to correct the Election Code of Belarus, the Criminal Code, the Criminal Procedural Code, the Administrative Violations Code, the Code of Execution Procedure for Administrative Violations, and the draft law on the state border of the Republic of Belarus.

    The approval of the plan to prepare bills in 2013 testifies to the consistency, complexity, and stability of the legal regulation in the country.