Aleksandr Lukashenko makes a decision to appoint Aleksandr Yegorov Deputy Head of the Belarus President Administration

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Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko has made a decision to appoint Aleksandr Yegorov Deputy Head of the Belarus President Administration. The head of state voiced his decision during a working meeting with Aleksandr Yegorov at the Palace of Independence.

“This has to do with the upgrade of the system of managing economic processes in the country. We have a good team of economists, both in the government (financial economists) and the National Statistical Committee, and so on,” the president said. “And the Belarus President Administration will also be modernized. The Administration is the headquarters of the president. The political headquarters. But personnel policy, ideological work, economy, and legal matters are a special area of work.”

The head of state pointed to inadequate oversight and control over the implementation of the president’s instructions adopted at the meetings with government members and economists.

“Therefore, we definitely need a thorough examination of these processes by a group of specialists,” noted Aleksandr Lukashenko.

“The same applies to personnel issues, ideological work, and so on. I approach these matters in a very serious way. Everything will be dramatically overhauled in this field. The Belarus President Administration will have a role in matters related to control, economic management, finances,” said the Belarusian leader.

He explained the reason for appointing Aleksandr Yegorov to this position: "You are a very young man. You know my policy: generations change, new people come. That's the way it should be. Nothing should stay frozen. I thought about putting the deputy head of the Belarus President Administration in charge of these issues. But we need a young, fresh look at it. I have been seriously studying your candidacy and background."

The head of state also said that he expects an alternative point of view from Aleksandr Yegorov.

"I know your relationship with people in some high offices. You will have to take some of them under control if you work in this position and if we make such a decision. You don’t have to be on the same page with the government, ministers and others and the National Bank. You should be ready to speak up," the president said.

In addition, Aleksandr Lukashenko highlighted Aleksandr Yegorov's experience in the banking sector.

"You are a banker. Thus I won't need to hire an assistant to the president on banking matters," he said.

Until now Aleksandr Yegorov has been Chairman of the Board of the Development Bank of the Republic of Belarus.