A number of Belarusians honored with letters of thanks

    An official letter of thanks was given to a number of scientists, pedagogues, journalists, law makers and other specialists in line with the executive order of the President.

    In particular, Aleksandr Lukashenko gave an official letter of thanks to BelTA officials: Director General Dmitry Zhuk and Senior Editor Andrei Zhibul. Among the awardees were also the workers of the Second National TV Channel: correspondent Alexander Zlobin, political observer Svetlana Knutova. Editor-in-Chief of Ivanovo’s Chyrvonaya Zorka Newspaper Anatoly Kreidich was honored as well.

    An official letter of thanks was received by academician of the Department of Human Sciences and Arts of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus Alexander Kovalenya, deputy head of the Mozyr regional flora and fauna inspection center Alexander Krasyuk, Belarus’ permanent plenipotentiary representative in the CIS main bodies Vasily Pugachev and others.