On conferment of state awards

Decree No. 97 of 10 April 2023

Sixty-two representatives from various fields of activity will be presented with state awards. The corresponding decree was signed by Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko on 10 April.

They will be honored with orders, medals and honorary titles for many years of fruitful work, high professionalism, exemplary performance of official duties, courage and determination shown in rescuing people during a fire, merits in military service and protection of the state border, a significant personal contribution to ensuring the rule of law and strengthening law and order, the development of the construction industry, civil aviation, road management, the real sector of the economy and foreign economic relations, improvement of banking and tax systems, legislation in the field of state property management, excellence in education, healthcare, science, culture and art.

The Order of Honor will be presented to Mikhail Kovalev, Deputy Head of the Department of State Prosecution of the Office for Supervision of Compliance with the Law of Court Decisions in Criminal Cases at the Prosecutor General's Office. Ivan Misko, a painter-sculptor, a member of the Belarusian Union of Artists, will be honored with the Order of Francysk Skaryna.

The Medal for Saved Life will be awarded to the unit commander of the diving and rescue service center of the Republican Special Response Team ZUBR at the Emergencies Ministry Nikita Rudak.

A large group of border guards will be presented with the Medal for Excellence in Military Service and the Medal for Excellence in the State Border Protection. Among them are the head of the border outpost of the 20th border detachment Artem Borsukov and the head of the research unit of the Institute of Border Service Pavel Mironyuk, the commander of the border vessel of the border vessel unit of the coast guard department of the border commandant's office of the 19th border group Artem Shapoval and the commander of the reconnaissance and search group of the maneuver group of the 21st border detachment Valery Yushchenko, respectively.

A significant number of workers from various sectors will be honored with the Medal for Labor Merits. They include First Deputy Finance Minister Dmitry Kiyko, First Deputy and Deputy Chairman of the Board of Belarusbank Aleksandr Polivko and Dmitry Grishchenkov, cardiologist of the Lettsy sanatorium Vladimir Rummo, bricklayer of Construction Depot No. 7 of Construction Trust No. 4 Viktor Chikun.

Medals of Francysk Skaryna will be awarded to the lecturer-musicologist of Zhinovich National Academic Orchestra of Belarus Olga Brilon, the chief researcher of the Lykov Institute of Heat and Mass Transfer at the National Academy of Sciences Leonard Vasiliev, Director of the Belyi Institute of Mechanics of Metal-Polymer Systems at the National Academy of Sciences Andrei Grigoriev, Professor of the Singing Department of the Belarusian State Academy of Music Piotr Ridiger and the artist of the Tsitovich National Academic Folk Chorus of the Republic of Belarus Andrei Tabolich.

Vladislav Pligovka of the Belarusian State Philharmonic will be awarded the honorary title of Honored Artist, Chairman of the Minsk City Branch of the Belarusian Union of Writers Mikhail Pozdnyakov – the Honored Figure of Culture of Belarus title; Head of the Laboratory of Plant Chemistry of the Central Botanical Garden of the National Academy of Sciences Zhanna Rupasova - The Honored Scientist of Belarus title, Commander of the aviation detachment of the Belavia Airlines Oleg Saltovsky - the Honored Pilot of Belarus title.

The Honored Teacher of Belarus title will be awarded to teachers of the Russian language and literature of Gymnasium No. 14 in Gomel and Gymnasium No. 1 in Minsk Zhanna Zhadeyko and Lyudmila Kushnereva.