On the plan for preparing draft legislation in 2024

Decree No. 380 of 28 November 2023

Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko has signed decree No.380 to approve the plan for preparing draft legislation in 2024.

The plan was put together after reviewing proposals submitted by government agencies and other organizations. The real need of the society to address the relevant relations and the order of priority of their regulation by law were taken into account as the draft regulatory acts were selected. Close attention was paid to observing the principles of a systematic approach, an integrated approach, and the stability of legal regulation.

The plan provides for preparing 23 draft laws, including five bills that make up the budget package, and 5 new drafts (the Healthcare Code, the laws on consumer loans (microloans), on accreditation in the national accreditation system, on independent evaluation and certification of qualifications, and on realtor work).

As many as 13 draft regulatory acts will be prepared to bring the existing laws into compliance with the legislation, international commitments of the Republic of Belarus, and to perfect provisions of laws taking into account the law application practice.

The plan also provides for working out two decrees of the Belarus president. One stipulates how financing under assignment of a monetary claim can be organized (factoring) and the other is designed to improve presidential decree No.9 of 10 January 2005 on approving the regulation on gambling business operations.

Apart from that, the plan provides for finishing the work on the Ecological Code concept, which began in accordance with the lawmaking plan for the year 2023.