Visa-free entry and exit for foreign nationals

Decree No. 251 of 1 July 2021

Citizens of 73 countries will be able to come without visas and stay in Belarus for up to five days in order to get COVID-19 vaccine shots. The opportunity will become available as from 15 July 2021 according to decree No.251 that Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko signed on 1 July.

The Healthcare Ministry will determine which healthcare organizations will be able to offer vaccines to foreigners for a price. The Council of Ministers will determine how the information system for collecting vaccination applications from foreigners will work. The Council of Ministers will also determine the procedure for their visit to Belarus.

The established procedure for the vaccination of foreigners (including collection and processing of applications in an information system, the actual vaccination, and the issuance of vaccination certificates) will be applied to all the foreign citizens, including those, who can enter Belarus due to other reasons (in line with intergovernmental agreements and in line with presidential decrees No.8 of 9 January 2017 and No.300 of 7 August 2019).