On the assignment of scholarships to postgraduate students

Executive Order No. 4рп of 12 January 2023

Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko signed an order on 12 January to assign Presidential scholarships in 2023 to 64 postgraduate students performing research in priority areas of science, technology and innovations at educational institutions and research organizations.

The research outputs of the scholarship holders are of great importance for society and the state. Their solutions in engineering, physics and mathematics, chemistry, medicine, agriculture, economics, pedagogical sciences, art history, sports, earth sciences are relevant and applicable.

Their research outputs were incorporated by organizations working in the manufacturing sector, medicine, agriculture, and education. They were presented at national and international conferences, published in scientific journals.

The order is meant to support, encourage and reward scientific endeavors of talented postgraduate students, stimulate gifted youth to do science, encourage the training of highly qualified scientists, and develop domestic scientific traditions.