On the assignment of scholarships to postgraduate students

Executive Order No. 13рп of 16 January 2024

The Belarus President’s scholarships for the year 2024 have been awarded to 62 postgraduate students, who pursue thesis research in priority areas of scientific, R&D, and innovative activities in educational institutions and research organizations. Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko signed the relevant executive order on 16 January.

Scientific research and development efforts of the scholarship holders in the field of technical, physical and mathematical, chemical, medical, agricultural, economic, pedagogical sciences, art history, and sport are carried out in the fields that are relevant and in demand for the relevant sectors.

Results of their work have been assimilated into the educational process, practical operation of industrial, medical and agricultural organizations, have been presented at national and international conferences, and published in scientific editions.

The President’s executive order was adopted in order to support scientific endeavors of postgraduate students, stimulate the training of top-qualification researchers, develop national scientific schools, and attract talented young people to science.