On Measures for Further Debureaucratization of the State Machinery

Directive No 2 of December 27, 2006
On December 27, President of the Republic of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko signed into action Directive No 2 “On Measures for Further Debureaucratization of the State Machinery.”

The motto of the ongoing five-year period is to build a state for the people. The pivotal point in addressing this task is further debureaucratization of the activities of government bodies and other state organizations.

Debureaucratization consists of two constituents.

The first one is to improve the work of government bodies with the public at large.

The second constituent is to optimize the internal activities of government bodies, the ways of reciprocal interactions between them, debureaucratization of the state machinery itself, reduction of correspondence and reporting documents.

The Directive locks in only those approaches which are of current importance, of special need and priority. The main emphasis is laid upon the need to uphold the interests of the citizens who appeal to government bodies.

It is noteworthy that this is the second Directive of the President during the entire history of the sovereign Belarus. Directive No1 issued on March 11, 2004 was aimed at s trengthening public security and discipline.

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