On Conferring the Order of Mother on Women with Many Children

Decree No. 86 of 20 February 2012
The Order of Mother has been conferred on 86 women with many children from various regions of Belarus. President of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko signed relevant decree on 20 February.

The Order of Mother has been bestowed upon worker of the Brest Oblast hospital Tatyana Gordun and worker of the Antopol boarding school, Drogichin District, Yelena Terekh.

Among the awardees are worker of the Braslav-based rest home for the disabled and elderly people Lyudmila Butkevich and director of the Slavyansky hotel complex in Polotsk Olesya Penkrat.

The Order of Mother has been conferred on dentist of the Gomel dental care center Anna Zhiznevskaya and mail carrier of the Lelchitsy District post office Alla Litvinenko.

In Grodno Oblast the Order of Mother has been presented to worker of the Kletskov agricultural company, Oshmyany District, Natalia Masevich and worker of Lida Furniture Factory Irina Sankevich.

The award was also presented to junior nurse of the Klichev social care center Inna Gruzd and milker of Aleksandriyskoye Company, Shklov District, Tamara Shkut.

The Order of Mother has been bestowed upon milker of Losha-Agro Company, Uzda District, Maria Belash and shop assistant from Smolevichi District Ilona Ivchik.

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