Year of People’s Unity

The year 2021 has been declared the Year of People’s Unity in Belarus. For centuries, representatives of various ethnicities, religions and cultures have been living in harmony with each other in our country. This diversity has become Belarus’ signature feature, its unique legacy and an invaluable gift of ancestors which Belarusians must cherish for the sake of peace and accord in the society, wellbeing and prosperity of future generations.

This becomes especially important in the face of globalization, the collision of interests of big global players, ongoing information wars and sometimes “hot” conflicts, economic, political and social challenges. The young Belarusian sovereign state has found itself at the crossroads of these developments.

Although a lot has been achieved in the years of independence, Aleksandr Lukashenko is convinced that the Belarus of the future will be better than it is now:

“We do not have time to go back and to tread this path once again. We will definitely create the Belarus of the future, and it will be better than it is now. All of us see the world differently but we should realize that this land in the center of Europe is our common asset. This is what we have. And in order to preserve this land for our children, let’s turn this page and start writing a new chapter of independent Belarus together.”

The head of state called upon all Belarusians to live by their wits, to create the legacy with their own hands, to cherish, value and love the way that only Belarusians can - a smart, tolerant and forward-looking nation. “And if we want to be a success, we will be!” Aleksandr Lukashenko is convinced.