Business Trips

Business tourism

Minsk is a convenient venue for hosting major business events. Numerous exhibitions, conferences and forums are held in the Belarusian capital every year.

The business program is always complemented by a wide range of activities, including excursions, animation programs, quests, water tours, cycling, target shooting, eco-trail tours, dinners at farm stays, and a top-notch entertainment industry.

The Stalin Line historical and cultural complex is a truly unique tourist attraction. The complex displays a variety of military hardware of the Great Patriotic War and post-war years, including aviation, armored vehicles, and artillery. The Dudutki museum complex of ancient folk crafts and technologies invites to explore a traditional way of life and age-old professions. Visitors will be able to taste traditional food and ride a horse.

A visit to BelAZ is an opportunity to see unique vehicles with your own eyes, go for a ride in a haul truck with a large carrying capacity, and take a photo next to the world’s largest haul truck BELAZ-7571 that made it into Guinness World Records.