Belarusian National Pioneer Organization

Belarusian National Pioneer Organization

Children and youth are the driving force and the hope of Belarus. The main goal of the Belarusian youth policy is to create nurturing environments that will enable every child to fully develop their potential, talents and personality.

The Belarusian National Pioneer Organization (BNPO) is one of the country’s biggest public organizations supporting children’s and youth initiatives to promote intellectual, spiritual and physical education of the younger generation. The tenth Nationwide Conference of Pioneers in 1990 adopted the charter, motto and regulations of the organization and the recognizable brand name – the Belarusian National Pioneer Organization.

In the next few years the rejuvenated pioneer movement revived its positive traditions, namely the promotion of patriotism, kindness and justice in keeping with the current trends in the development of the children’s movement.

Today the Belarusian National Pioneer Organization unites proactive children and youth who are ready to promote valued skills, knowledge and behaviors among their peers. The organization unites Little Octobrists (children aged between 7 and 10), pioneers (children aged between 10 and 14), and youth leaders (children over 15).

The Belarusian National Pioneer Organization constantly looks for new interesting forms and methods of working with children, attracts all those who are interested in developing new approaches to the education of the younger generation.

The main priorities of the Belarusian National Pioneer Organization are civil and patriotic education of children and youth, provision of moral and spiritual guidelines for a modern individual, development of sport and tourism, promotion of a healthy lifestyle, social protection of children, charitable activities, environmental protection, awareness raising campaigns, international activities.

In 2019, Belarusian pioneers acquired their own mascot – young lynx Ogonyok – and the motto “Pioneer Movement – the Territory of Childhood”.

The pioneer organization’s signature events include the nationwide sport and patriotic game Zarnichka and the military-patriotic game Zarnitsa, the distance game for Octobrists, events timed to the Day of Pioneer Friendship and Pioneer Bonfire.

Many internet projects are popular with the children's audience, including dedicated to the Year of Native Land, the quest game “In the Footsteps of Victory...,”  the intellectual and entertainment game “Pioneer Quiz” and many others.

Today, the Belarusian National Pioneer Organization is the country's main children's union that hosts 2,000 events for children per year; provides every child with the opportunity of self-realization; promotes a healthy lifestyle; and makes a real contribution to the future of Belarus.