Belaya Rus Public Association

The Belaya Rus Public Association plays an important role in the social and political life of the country.
Belaya Rus Public Association

At the initiative of the public, Belaya Rus organizations were founded in Grodno in 2004 and other regional centers of the country and Minsk in 2007. Preparations began to establish the nationwide public association Belarus Rus.

The founding congress of the public association was held on 17 November 2007. The Justice Ministry resisted the Belaya Rus public association on 11 December 2007. The official heraldic symbol of the association was introduced on 15 August 2008.

The highest award of the association, the Order of Honor, was instituted in 2018.

The main documents regulating the activity of the Belaya Rus public association are its charter and program. The congress is the supreme body of the association; the national council is the standing governing body.

The association has opened its divisions in all the administrative units of the country.

Belaya Rus was initially meant to support the political course of Aleksandr Lukashenko, President of Belarus. Its platform is based on the ideology of the Belarusian state and the existing model of social development.

The main goal of the association is consolidation of the society and all groups that are ready to cooperate with and support the authorities at all levels to ensure high living standards through constructive labor. Being a public association, Belaya Rus does not seek power, which enables it to look at all processes from the perspective of an ordinary person and analyze them from the point of view of the authorities.

Since its founding, Belaya Rus has been involved in the political life of the country. The association took part in election campaigns during elections to the local Councils of Deputies and to the House of Representatives of the National Assembly, and presidential elections. During election campaigns, public reception offices of Belaya Rus turn into pre-election headquarters of the candidates supported by the association.

The national public association Belaya Rus enjoys support and has a lot of partners. Its members include prominent politicians, scientists, artists, entrepreneurs, and public figures.

The association signed agreements on cooperation and mutual support with the political parties Self-Defence (Poland), Harmony (Latvia), and the People's Democratic Party of Tajikistan. Similar agreements with the parties United Russia and Prosperous Armenia are in the works. Belaya Rus has established cooperation with public associations in the Union State of Belarus and Russia and the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU).

Belaya Rus traditionally runs various campaigns:

  • Belaya Rus with Love to Children – to congratulate the parents of children born on Belarus’ Independence Day;
  • Belaya Rus to Future Fatherland Defenders – to enhance the prestige of military service among the youth;
  • Belaya Rus with Care for Veterans – to congratulate and help veterans, tidy up military graves;
  • New Year with Belaya Rus – to wish happy holidays to children from large families, orphanages and social shelters, gifted children;
  • Belaya Rus for Healthy Lifestyle – to promote active and healthy lifestyles among children;
  • Belaya Rus Beautifies Belarus – to run voluntary clean-up days, and beautification campaigns;
  • Belaya Rus to Rural Workers – to celebrate top workers during sowing and harvesting campaigns, and to take part in celebrations in villages;
  • Belaya Rus for Revival of Cultural and Historical Legacy – to revive and support the historical and cultural legacy of the Belarusian nation;
  • campaigns in partnership “Belaya Rus for safe roads”, “Belaya Rus for safety of kids on roads”, “Belaya Rus for safe future”, “Back to school with Belaya Rus”, and other ones.

Examples of remarkable social and charity projects:

  • “We read together with Belaya Rus” – to promote reading among secondary school students;
  • “Into the future with Belaya Rus!” – to find, train and support promising young leaders;
  • The Active Citizen School -  to arrange open dialogues of officials and public figures with school students to discuss important social and political events in the country;
  • “Belaya Rus in persons” – to promote values and an active civil stance and patriotism using accomplishments of Belaya Rus activists as examples;
  • “Golden feather of Belaya Rus” contest – to support aspiring and fledging reporters, young journalists of newspapers, television, and websites;
  • “Love Belarus” – to promote Belarusian musicians that perform folk and patriotic songs;
  • “For beloved Belarus” – to foster patriotism, humanitarianism, and respect for national traditions among young people;
  • “Belaya Rus about Belarus” – to preserve the national memory and shape historical identity of Belarusians (in association with the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus);
  • “The land where I live” contest – to kindle interest in studying traditions, history, and culture of the native land, o nurture patriotism and pride for the native country, to enable the conditions for creative self-realization of Belarus residents;
  • “Belarusian League of Debates” project - to search for enterprising young people for the sake of forming future talent pools, including civil servants;
  • support for civic initiatives: dubbing of movies made by Belarusfilm for blind people; a program to support single fathers who raise underage kids; a Belarusian-Italian project Longevity to focus on problems of gerontology in Belarus, and other projects.