Zvyazda Publishing House

The Zvyazda Publishing House was established in autumn 2012 following the merger of the Literature and Art publishing institution and the Zvyazda newspaper.
Zvyazda Publishing House

Apart from publishing books and the Zvyazda daily, the publishing house also offers several editions about literature and art: the LiM newspaper, Polymya, Nyoman, Maladosts, and Vozhyk magazines. All the above-mentioned periodicals have a long history and considerable authority in the community of creative intellectuals. Thanks to them, Zvyazda Publishing House has turned into a center for the development and promotion of the modern Belarusian language, a platform for creativity and dialogue about national values.

Over the years, the Zvyazda Publishing House has incorporated a number of editions covering a wide range of topics and issues. These are the women’s magazine Alesya, the Rodnaya Pryroda journal about environment and ecology, and editions for Belarusians living abroad – the Golas Radzimy newspaper and the Belarus magazine (published in Belarusian, English and Chinese).

The driving force of the publishing house is the Zvyazda newspaper – the only state-owned daily in the Belarusian language. It was founded by the Council of the Republic and the House of Representatives of the National Assembly as well as the Council of Ministers. In its more than 100-year history, the newspaper has never changed its priorities that include comprehensive coverage of the state policy and activities of the country’s president and government bodies (primarily, labor and social security, culture, education, healthcare).

Zvyazda has its primarily focus on Belarusianness, on preserving the standards and purity of the Belarusian language, inculcating a sense of pride in Belarusians for their nation, their Motherland and its fascinating and rich history.