The Belarusian Telegraph Agency

The Belarusian Telegraph Agency BelTA is Belarus’ largest news agency. For over 100 years, BelTA has been the country’s official news agency and is the most respected source of up-to-the-minute news about Belarus’ supreme authorities.
The Belarusian Telegraph Agency

BelTA delivers news in real time. The news is available on the proprietary website in Russian, Belarusian, English, German, Spanish, and Chinese.

Every day BelTA produces and distributes news items to highlight the most important events in the political, social, economic, cultural, and sport life of Belarus, news about activities of the country’s authorities, about international relations and contacts.

Every day BelTA’s photo service produces dozens of photo stories with hundreds of photos from all the regions of Belarus. BelTA organizes photo exhibitions in Belarus and abroad.

BelTA has offices and staff reporters in all the oblast capitals of Belarus and in Russia.

BelTA’s information partners include news agencies and media outlets, including online news outlets, of the CIS and non-CIS states. BelTA is one of the most quoted news agencies in the Commonwealth of Independent States by the number of citations in international mass media.

BelTA is a diversified enterprise. BelTA publishes the 7 Dnei news and analysis weekly, the Economy of Belarus quarterly and also Belaruskaya Dumka, the monthly magazine that examines politics, culture, policy, and ideas. Apart from that, BelTA publishes books, booklets, posters, and provides printing industry services.

BelTA offers development, maintenance and information support, promotion and optimization of websites for government agencies, companies and institutions.

BelTA’s new line of work is production of audiovisual content. BelTA’s visual information service provides video footage, including aerial footage, and makes presentation videos.

BelTA’s press center hosts press conferences, presentations, media briefings, and roundtables.

BelTA has an active presence on social media, messengers, the YouTube video-sharing platform, and other platforms.