Pension System

Pensions are guaranteed to every person unfit for work permanently residing in Belarus.

Labor (insurance) pension is divided into the corresponding types: by age, disability and loss-of-breadwinner. The old-age retirement pension is granted upon the attainment of a generally established retirement age and the length of service during which compulsory insurance contributions were paid (pension insurance record).

Calendar yearAge of retirementPension insurance record
 2020 62 years old57 years old17.5 years
2021 62.5 years old57.5 years old18 years
2022 63 years old58 years old18.5 years
2023 63 years old58 years old19 years
2024 63 years old58 years old19.5 years
2025 63 years old58 years old20 years

Employees working in special working conditions and also those involved in certain types of professional activities are entitled to early preferential retirement benefits. There is also the possibility of granting early retirement pensions on social grounds to certain categories of citizens (reduced requirements for the pension insurance record).

In exercising the right to a disability or loss-of-breadwinner pension, preferential requirements have been established for the length of service of the disabled person or that of the breadwinner (including the pension insurance record).

As of 1 February 2020 there were about 2.5 million recipients of labor pensions, with more than 80% receiving an old-age pension.

The average labor (insurance) retirement pension accounts for 40% of the average wage in the economic sector.  Labor pensions are indexed every time the average wage is increased.

If a person is not entitled to the labor (insurance) pension, he/she receives a social pension.

Alongside the national legislation, the pension system takes into account the provisions of international treaties (agreements) signed by Belarus in part that sets other (special) rules of pension provision.

Belarus has so far signed international agreements on pension provision with Lithuania, Latvia, Russia, Azerbaijan, the Czech Republic and Estonia.

In 2019, Belarus signed the agreements on social security with Poland and Moldova and also an agreement on pensions for workers of the Eurasian Economic Union member states.