Promotion of Competition and Antimonopoly Activities

State policy in the field of competition is aimed at countering monopolistic activities and unfair practices, establishing a level-playing field for all and maintaining efficient work of commodity markets.

Under Presidential Decree No. 188 "On antimonopoly regulation and trade authorities" of 3 June 2016, a single antimonopoly authority – the Ministry of Antimonopoly Regulation and Trade – was established. This ministry has a system of subordinate agencies in the country's regions and the city of Minsk.

The main functions of the antimonopoly authority are:

  • monitoring of compliance with antimonopoly legislation;
  • detection of violations of antimonopoly legislation, taking measures to counteract monopolistic activities, unfair competition, and other violations of antimonopoly legislation;
  • promotion of competition.

In 2019, 452 appeals were considered under the antimonopoly law.

According to the findings of antimonopoly investigations in 2019, 30 protocols on administrative violations were drawn up.

As of 1 January 2020, 196 economic entities at the national level and 541 at the local level were included in the State register of economic entities having dominant position on commodity markets.