Production of Construction Materials

The construction materials and structures industry is represented by a broad range of manufacturers that can fully satisfy the national construction industry’s demand for all construction materials.

The enterprises that make construction materials and manufacturing divisions of civil engineering enterprises have been radically modernized in the last few years by leveraging cutting-edge foreign manufacturing technologies and can now make competitive products.

For instance, OAO Gomelglass now makes energy-saving, sun-protective, and multifunctional glass. OAO Belgips has increased the production of conventional products (drywall sheets, tongue-and-groove plates, dry building mixtures) and has set up facilities to manufacture products previously unavailable in Belarus: premixes and expanded perlite. OAO Keramin and OAO Beryozastroymaterialy now make new kinds of ceramic tiles with improved physical and mechanical parameters. OAO Belmedsteklo is about to finish setting up facilities to make medical glass. OAO Grodnoglass is finishing the construction of a new processing line to make glass containers.

Modernization has allowed replacing imported construction materials and structures with domestic ones.

In 2020 Belarus exported over $575 million worth of construction materials.

At present the key priorities of the construction materials industry include efforts to ensure the industry operates at full capacity and efforts to reduce the influence of protectionist measures on the main target markets.