International Finance Corporation

The Republic of Belarus was one of the first CIS countries to have signed the IFC Articles of Agreement in 1992.
International Finance Corporation

Belarus owns about 0.22% of the IFC total voting powers and about 0.21% of the total shares (The number of votes and the number of shares may vary slightly due to the corporation's capital stock changes (usually an increase).

The IFC is a global development institution focused on the private sector.

In Belarus, the IFC provides both financial support to private sector organizations and advisory assistance to the government of the Republic of Belarus on improving business environment and supporting small and medium-sized businesses.

Since 1992 the IFC has invested about $800 million in more than 60 projects in Belarus to support the private sector.

Using its international experience, the IFC implements  advisory programs to ease administrative procedures, to improve regulation of small and medium-sized businesses, to  better the conditions for attracting foreign direct investment, to promote the development of female entrepreneurship and other areas.