Export Promotion Institutions

The Republic of Belarus has established an export promotion system and has specialized institutions in the field of export loans, leasing and export risk insurance.

The financial mechanisms of the export promotion system include:

  • provision of export loans and export risk insurance with the support of the state (Presidential Decree No. 534 “On promoting exports of goods (works, services)” of 25 August 2006);
  • compensation for a part of interest on loans and lease payments to consumers of Belarusian products through using the resource and customer base of foreign banks (Presidential Decree No. 466 “On certain measures to promote the sale of goods manufactured in the Republic of Belarus” of 24 September 2009);
  • compensation to exporters for up to 50% of expenses on participation in international exhibitions and products conformity assessment in foreign countries (Presidential Decree No. 412 “On export support” of 14 November 2019);
  • partial financing of the expenses on organization of national trade fairs (exhibitions) of the Republic of Belarus abroad through budgetary funds (Resolution No. 384 “On approval of the regulations on the procedure for organization of national trade fairs (exhibitions) of the Republic of Belarus in foreign countries” passed by  the Council of Ministers of the Republic of Belarus on 23 April 2012).
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Belarusian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and other agencies help exporters with entering and securing positions in foreign markets.