Ministry of Transport and Communications

General information

The Ministry of Transport and Communications is a central government agency in charge of regulating the operation of automobile transport, railway transport, urban electric transport, inland water transport, maritime transport, and civil aviation.

Main tasks

  • to pursue a unified transportation policy aimed at enabling conditions able to satisfy the demand of the economy and the population for transportation services while minimizing the environmental impact;
  • to exercise government regulation of activities in the area of automobile transport, maritime transport, inland water transport (except for small vessels), railway transport, urban electric transport and metro, civil aviation, and the use of part of Belarus’ air space used for regular flights, local flights, areas for aerial work, civilian aviation airfields and airports, road activities, the country’s logistics system, and to enable conditions conducive to the development of organizations of all types of ownership operating in these fields;
  • to facilitate the establishment of direct ties between transport organizations of Belarus and other countries, to raise investments;
  • to pursue an economic, scientific, technical, and social policy in the area of transportation;
  • to form and improve the legal framework in the area of transportation;
  • to ensure the effective management of state property in the area of transportation;
  • to bolster the effectiveness and the competitive ability of export in the area of transportation.
The Ministry of Transport and Communications


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