Ministry of Healthcare

General information

The Ministry of Healthcare is a central government agency in charge of pursuing a unified state policy on healthcare.

Main tasks

  • to organize the provision of medical aid to the population;
  • to organize the distribution of medications to the population;
  • to organize scientific research, the assimilation of scientific and technological accomplishments in medical practice;
  • to coordinate the work of other central government agencies and other state organizations accountable to the Government, municipal executive authorities, legal persons and natural persons in the area of healthcare;
  • to pursue the state policy in the sphere of psychological aid except for the state policy in the sphere of provision of psychological aid in the education system;
  • to ensure the fulfillment of goals of the national social and economic development forecast;
  • to raise investments, including foreign ones, in the sphere of healthcare and commercial production of medications;
  • to coordinate efforts meant to organize and ensure the production, ensure the structure and choice of medications, efforts to improve the quality and competitive ability of medications, efforts to develop the export potential of the domestic pharmaceutical industry;
  • to pursue a state policy on protecting economic interests of Belarusian manufacturers of medications on the home market and foreign ones and on providing state support for their export operations.


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