Ministry of Culture

General information

The Ministry of Culture is a central government agency in charge of pursuing the state policy in the sphere of culture and in charge of coordinating the work of other central government agencies and municipal authorities in this sphere.

Main tasks

  • to pursue a state policy in the sphere of culture and to implement government control in this sphere;
  • to determine an overall strategy for the development of the sphere of culture;
  • to ensure the preservation, development, distribution and (or) popularization of the Belarusian national culture and language;
  • to ensure rights and freedoms, to safeguard legal interests of citizens in the sphere of culture;
  • to assist with the universal access to cultural activities and cultural values, to assist with the improvement of their quality;
  • to enable conditions for the development of legal persons of all types of ownerships that perform cultural activities;
  • to assist with the development of cultures of the ethnic communities that live in Belarus; 
  • to implement international cooperation in the sphere of culture, to provide cultural support to Belarusians that live abroad.


11 Pobeditelei Avenue, Minsk, 220004

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