Meeting with Chairman of House of Representatives of National Assembly Vladimir Andreichenko

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The Belarusian Parliament will need to pass a wide array of laws in furtherance of the new Constitution, Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko said as he met with Chairman of the House of Representatives of the National Assembly of Belarus Vladimir Andreichenko in Minsk on 7 July.

The head of state asked to brief him on the results of the past parliamentary session, noting that in general he is aware of the work of the parliament. "Let’s talk very briefly about the problems, if any. But I would like to note that we have significantly raised the role of the parliament in the new Constitution. This may be good, and the MPs should be ready for this," the Belarusian leader stressed.

Vladimir Andreichenko said that the next elections to the House of Representatives are to be held on the single voting day on 25 February 2024.

"Indeed, a single voting day. It's still a long time to go. Two years in fact. I am glad that we are focusing on the work of the current parliament. Because the current MPs have already gained experience, and are deeply involved in the work. Now there is a large array of regulatory and legal work ahead. We need to adopt a sea of laws in furtherance of the new Constitution," the head of state said. “Most important issues are those of power, Belarusian People's Congress. These are new laws. There are also issues of economy, redistribution of powers and so on, which we have been, in fact, working for a long time."

"I think we will cope with these issues. The situation is indeed difficult but people understood a lot. So did some of our MPs. Therefore, in connection with the new Constitution, we have a lot of work to do, primarily law-making work, which will fall on the shoulders of the MPs," Aleksandr Lukashenko added.

He emphasized that the organization of work depends largely on Vladimir Andreichenko, given his extensive experience.

For his part, Vladimir Andreichenko stressed the importance of attention from the head of state to the work of the deputy corps. "We have done a lot of work over the past session. For the first time in recent years 20 bills passed the first and second readings during a session. This was necessitated by the situation, security, stability of our country, and economic development. Members of the House of Representatives of the current convocation drew up seven laws, which also passed," the chairman of the House of Representatives said.

During the last session the MPs considered 60 issues. “The forthcoming 9th session will be just as intensive. A very broad range of issues is to be discussed. This includes bringing legislation in line with the Constitution and dealing with a number of economic issues, and redistributing powers between state bodies,” Vladimir Andreichenko noted.