Meeting with Chairman of House of Representatives of Majlisi Oli of Tajikistan Mahmadtoir Zokirzoda

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Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko met with Chairman of Majlisi Namoyandagon (the House of Representatives) of the Majlisi Oli (the Supreme Assembly) of Tajikistan Mahmadtoir Zokirzoda in Dushanbe on 12 October.

“Our peoples have a lot in common. I would even say they are identical: they are kind, hardworking, talented. It is one of the reasons for our rather successful relations,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

The head of state noted that he had known Tajikistan President Emomali Rahmon for more than a quarter of a century. “This path was not easy for us. But last night I told him: We have been together for so long, but I don’t remember we have ever had a row or a dispute or even an argument. We have always held the same views on all issues. We have always supported each other. This is not because we are friends, but because we think absolutely the same way. For me, he has always been an example of selfless service to his Motherland,” Aleksandr Lukashenko emphasized.

Aleksandr Lukashenko noted that only the leaders of Belarus and Tajikistan are ready to show determination and to defend the sovereignty and security of their countries with weapons in their hands. And this is not just a statement. The President of Belarus had to take a gun in 2020, Emomali Rahmon fought for the nascent Tajikistan in the early stages of its statehood.

“He did not back down after he was wounded. A true representative of the Tajik people. Therefore, he has always been an example of devotion and reliability for me. Therefore, we have developed such good relations and these relations are based on the similarities between the Belarusian and Tajik peoples,” the head of state concluded.

Mahmadtoir Zokirzoda, in turn, said that the people of Tajikistan know the Belarusian leader as a wise politician and appreciate him for his openness.

“When it comes to values, our peoples are the closest in the post-Soviet space. Tajikistan has found a reliable friend, strategic partner, kindred spirit in Belarus. Tajiks have the most candid and sincere feelings for Belarusians,” the parliamentarian stressed.