Meeting with Governor of Russia’s Moscow Oblast Andrei Vorobyov

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  • 11:07

Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko met with Moscow Oblast Governor Andrei Vorobyov on 18 December.

The head of state noted that this is Andrei Vorobyov’s first visit to Belarus in the capacity of the governor. The President expressed confidence that he will visit the country again for reasons other than work. The President also praised the professionalism of Andrei Vorobyov’s team, thanks to whom Moscow Oblast has been performing consistently better than other Russian regions across various social and economic indicators.

Moscow Oblast is a strategic partner for Belarus, the head of state emphasized. It ranks first among Russian regions in terms of trade with Belarus. Thus, in January-October 2023, the trade increased by almost a quarter to exceed $9 billion. “This is a significant achievement given that the base was already high last year when the trade expanded by over 25%,” the Belarusian leader remarked. “This year the trade is projected to considerably exceed $10 billion. This is the best result throughout the entire history of Belarus’ cooperation with your region,” the President noted.

Belarus and Moscow Oblast trade in nearly everything they produce, mostly household appliances, foodstuffs (butter, cheese), metal products, medicines, equipment, spare parts and many more.

“Such a robust trade is largely attributed to the favorable location of Moscow Oblast, which makes the region a kind of logistics hub and a central point for regional supply chains,” the President said.

The head of state praised the level of mutual trade with Moscow Oblast, praising primarily the position of the region acting as a kind of a hub for further supplies to other Russian regions.

“Dealership and trade are good. They, however, are too dependent on the current state of the market,” the President said. “As an experienced person, you know well that the task of any leader is to ensure employment and wellbeing for people. To this end, we need a serious foundation which is the joint production of goods with high added value.”

Aleksandr Lukashenko named a number of areas with prospects for further interaction.

“First. You are actively engaged in road construction and public utilities. I have been briefed that you have plans to invest significant funds in the renewal of the public transport fleet and purchase Belarusian-made vehicles. Our specialists will soon determine the necessary specification together with you. I give you my word that we will do everything necessary to ensure that shipments start on schedule and we fulfill all the obligations that will be stipulated under the contract,” the President said.

Belarus’ second proposal, outlined by the head of state, is related to concrete production: “I know that there are plans to set up the production of dry building mixes based on Belarusian cement in your region. I propose to add the production of concrete.” According to Aleksandr Lukashenko, this product has a higher added value. Its production can be organized in areas where large housing and road construction projects are implemented. The Belarusian Architecture and Construction Ministry is ready to work out logistics and possibilities of concrete mixing facilities location together with Moscow Oblast.

The third area is maintenance, supply of spare parts, warranty, and financial instruments. “We have a lot of experience in these areas in Russia. With the help of your region, we would like to secure a firm foothold by creating a large-scale service and logistics hub for this part of the Russian Federation,” the Belarusian leader explained.