Visit to Raubichi National Winter Olympic Training Center

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It is essential to attract more people to the Raubichi National Winter Olympic Training Center, Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko gave the instruction as he visited the facility on 13 February.

The head of state was informed about the implementation of his instructions to renovate and commission sports facilities in the Raubichi National Winter Olympic Training Center. In particular, a freestyle slope, a healthcare and recuperation center, a roller skiing track, a biathlon stadium and a firing range, engineering networks and a boiler house were renovated in 2010-2014. A football field with a universal covering that can be used for grass hockey, tennis, football will be commissioned in 2015. The construction of an indoor swimming pool and a hotel will be completed in 2016.

“Why are there no athletes? We have invested money in this project in the complicated time, therefore, you should not be idle,” the head of state told Raubichi director Andrei Astashevich.

“I have warned you that it is needed to optimize your efforts. You want to have good salaries, but do not try to increase training prices for athletes and people who want to train here. You will not be able to line your pockets because people will not come here. And the billions of investments that we have made will not bring profit,” the President said.

“Thousands of people should come to this center every day,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said.

“But you are doing nothing! Keep in mind that the new period started for you on 1 January 2015. You must show the result. You have everything for it,” the head of state added.

The President was informed about the development of biathlon in the country, the readiness of Raubichi to host the IBU Youth/Junior World Championship. The long-term comprehensive program for the selection and basic training of young biathletes has been worked out in the country. The program provides for the involvement of scientists and the use of innovative methods in the training of athletes.

“There are many young hopefuls in ice hockey, skiing, biathlon. But they often do not show excellent results when become adults,” Aleksandr Lukashenko noted.

After testing the quality of tracks, Aleksandr Lukashenko said: “I do not know what else you need. They would be glad to have such conditions in Russia,” the President noted. He stressed that every condition was created for athletes in Raubichi.

“These are wonderful tracks for cross-country skiers and biathlon athletes. There is everything necessary for freestyle, aerials skiers. There cannot be any Austrias, they must train here. With our current level in cross-country skiing and biathlon, this place is the only one for them. Once they reach Domracheva’s level, we will send them to glaciers if they please,” said the President. “I am only telling this once,” the head of state warned.