Visit to Precision Electromechanics Factory in Dzerzhinsk District

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During the visit to Precision Electromechanics Factory in Dzerzhinsk DistrictBelarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko gave an instruction to advance the manufacture of modern missile equipment to a brand-new level.

In this context, the State Defense Industries Committee of Belarus is to deliver cutting-edge missile launchers to the Belarusian army in 2016-2017. The President was also informed about the fulfillment of his instructions to promote missile production in Belarus and to provide modern missile equipment to the Armed Forces.

During the visit to the enterprise Aleksandr Lukashenko was made familiar with the progress in the localization of the production of rockets for multiple rocket launchers. The President examined MLRS Polonez vehicles and the equipment used to test rocket engines. “A new stage has to follow. We should not stop at this,” said Aleksandr Lukashenko. “We have to advance within the framework of international agreements and treaties and create more up-to-date rocket solutions.”

Apart from that, technologies to extend the service life of missiles have been mastered in Belarus. “10,000 per annum is very good. We can do it faster if necessary,” stated Aleksandr Lukashenko. He approved of the businesslike approach.

The head of state forestalled possible speculations that claim that Belarus rattles the saber or flexes the muscles. “Today and tomorrow we will follow a purely defensive strategy. We are not going to attack anyone,” said Aleksandr Lukashenko. “We will protect ourselves against those, who are intent on attacking us, waging wars against us.”

The head of state underlined that it is purely a defensive strategy. The strategy is designed to make the adversary think twice before launching a war against Belarus or arranging some conflict. “We have to inflict unacceptable damage upon the enemy if it decides to attack us. Unacceptable damage, unacceptable losses are what matters. A purely defensive tactics,” added the head of state.

Besides, during the visit to the plant the President was informed about the production structure, financial and economic activities and prospects of the enterprise.