Visit to agricultural holding company Kupalovskoye

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It is essential to help unprofitable farms start working in the black, Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko said during the visit to the dairy farm Slizhi in Shklov District on 26 March.

The head of state remarked that in mass media, especially in Russian ones, his visits to agricultural enterprises are explained by fact that the efforts to develop the industry were ineffective and new solutions are needed.

“We must understand that we can easily live and work without these unprofitable enterprises because part of the modernized agricultural industry produces enough milk for domestic consumption and export. So, we can do well without those 20-25% of weak farms in terms of production output. But our people live there, it is necessary to work the soil. Therefore, we do not turn adrift these enterprises, these villages and people, we support them,”Aleksandr Lukashenko stated.

“We should use 100% of arable lands, set up normal production facilities and support our people. We cannot leave them without attention. This is the essence of the today’s conversation. Besides, we should not forget about innovations, new types of products, import substitution, and so on,” the president added.

Aleksandr Lukashenko was informed about the development of the dairy industry in the country and the progress in the construction of dairy farms. The head of state also touched upon the performance of enterprises in Shklov District. “Why Shklov District again? Because I know every farm here. Therefore, we have been sorting things out in the regions for 10-12 years, and not only this region,” the president said.

In his words, in 2017 several enterprises were included in the big holding company Kupalovskoye. “Other enterprises also want to join the holding company, but there is no rush. At first, it is important to build this holding company, and then look into the results,” Aleksandr Lukashenko said. The head of state asked about the production and economic indicators of the holding company and one of its members OAO Amkodor-Shklov.

Special attention was drawn to the renovation of animal husbandry facilities of the holding company and the development of pig breeding. “Everything should be clear with pig breeding in a month or two. Kupalovskoye needs to start producing and selling finished products,” the president said. “This is the goal for Kupalovskoye.”