Visit to 103rd Independent Guards Mobile Brigade of special operations forces

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President of the Republic of Belarus Aleksandr Lukashenko pointed out the importance of raising the mobility of the Belarusian army. The head of state made the statement as he visited the 103rd Independent Guards Mobile Brigade of the special operations forces of the Armed Forces of Belarus in Vitebsk on 8 July.

The President was made familiar with the organizational and personnel structure of the independent brigade of the special operations forces; organization of food supplies and military training.

Aleksandr Lukashenko toured training premises to inspect the equipment in training classes, weapons and gear used by the military serving in the special operations forces.

The head of state examined the combat vehicle depot, was made familiar with the hardware and its state, prospects of improving the hardware. The President was informed that the work will be completed in 2017-2018. The examination of the hardware’s state is now in progress.

Aleksandr Lukashenko took a look at the organization of maintenance and repairs of weaponry, military and special vehicles.

The President emphasized that the Belarusian army should be equipped with mobile means. The head of state was demonstrated one of the vehicles assembled by Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant using Russian components. The President gave instructions to localize the production of such vehicles in Belarus as much as possible and emphasized the importance of quality. “We need such vehicles to increase the mobility of the army,” the head of state said. “Air defense is good but if, god forbid, brothers fail to support us from the rear and we have to wage a war on our own,” he added. Aleksandr Lukashenko believes these vehicles are full of promise.

After inspecting a cafeteria and hearing out a report about food provision in the Belarusian army, Aleksandr Lukashenko asked the Defense Minister to give him several meal packs and canned foods. The head of state was informed that military rations were changed this year taking into consideration energy needs of the military.

The President also visited a multi-purpose complex where tactical and special training is conducted and an airborne complex. The President saw how the soldiers are trained.