National Honor Roll to be updated before Labor Day in Belarus

    Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko has signed Decree No. 47 to introduce amendments to Decree No. 573 of 30 September 1999 “On the National Honor Roll”.

    In particular, the updated National Honor Roll will be annually unveiled in the run-up to Labor Day (1 May).

    In accordance with the Decree, organizations and their affiliated companies placed on the National Honor Roll for two years in a row will not participate in a corresponding contest in a year following this period.

    The procedure of selecting nominees at the level of oblast executive committees and the Minsk City Hall has been revised.

    Besides, two places on the National Honor Roll will be given to social security organizations for the outstanding results of their work throughput the year. Public recognition of efforts of such organization will stimulate them to improve and raise the efficiency of work.

    The Decree is aimed at stimulating regions, organizations, teams of workers to raise production efficiency, increase the output of competitive products, save resources.