Report of Belarus’ Interior Minister Igor Shunevich

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On 19 May, Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko met with Interior Minister Igor Shunevich to receive his report.

The President said that the other day he received the law enforcement statistics. “I got familiar with the numbers and already see the trends. But I would like to hear the minister’s opinion on these trends,” the head of state noted.

At the meeting Aleksandr Lukashenko reminded that the process of optimization is underway in the country. “It has been carried out in the power vertical. The same process is now going on in budget-sponsored organizations,” he said. “The same is done in law enforcement bodies in compliance with a separate plan. There is plan of reduction in the army (this plan was approved long ago). We have also harmonized an optimization plan for the Interior Ministry. This optimization began in the Interior Ministry some time ago, and it is in progress now. What is the state of affairs right now?”

The President also wondered if there are any questions about the previous reforms in the law enforcement system. “We have distinguished the investigation segment and so on. Much time has passed since then. Are there any problems? Can you overcome them? What questions do you have in this regard? It is very important for me. I keep it under control,” the head of state added.

The head of state was informed about the operation of law enforcement bodies. It was reported that the crime rate in Belarus has been declining steadily over the past several years. “We try to consolidate all the positive trends. This year the crime rate fell by almost 8.5%,” the minister said.

The meeting also focused on the plans of further reforms in the law enforcement system. Plans have been made to reduce the central apparatus of the Belarusian Interior Ministry by 10%. The position of one deputy minister will be made redundant. A number of subordinate agencies will be also optimized.

Another issue on the agenda was the development prospects of the ice hockey club Dinamo Minsk and the preparations for the next season. Igor Shunevich is the chairman of the observation council of this ice hockey club.