Belarusian President makes new appointments

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Belarusian President Aleksandr Lukashenko considered new appointments on 22 April.

The head of state appointed:

Sergei Maslyak – Minister of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection;

Yevgeny Kovalenko – Justice Minister;

Yelena Morgunova – Chairperson of the State Committee for Standardization.

The president also approved the appointment of:

Oleg Stelmashok – Mogilev Oblast Vice Governor (social welfare);

Igor Burmistrov – Novopolotsk Mayor;

Dmitry Kadrgulov – Chairman of the Berestovista District Executive Committee;

Sergei Medzvetskas – Chairman of the Ostrovets District Executive Committee;

Aleksei Zhuravlev – Chairman of the Glusk District Executive Committee;

Vyacheslav Moksachev – Chairman of the Kostyukovichi District Executive Committee;

Aleksei Vasyuchenko – Head of the Novobelitsky District Administration in Gomel;

Andrei Boltrik – Head of the Oktyabrsky District Administration in Grodno;

Sergei Lukashevich – First Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs;

Yuri Gorbich – First Deputy Healthcare Minister;

Aleksandr Starovoitov – Deputy Healthcare Minister;

Svetlana Nechai – Deputy Healthcare Minister – Chief Public Health Doctor of Belarus;

Olga Rybaklyucheva – Director of the Education Quality Department of the Education Ministry.