Decree on new Belarusian-Russian space exploration project signed

    Belarus President Aleksandr Lukashenko signed decree No.150 on the Belarusian space system for the remote sensing of Earth on 15 April.

    The document provides for implementing a Belarusian-Russian project in 2024-2028 with a view to developing the Belarusian space system for the remote sensing of Earth. The decree specifies Belarusian participants of the project and terms of their work.

    Once the project is completed, a Belarusian-Russian satellite for the remote sensing of Earth with an extremely high resolution and the service life of at least seven years is supposed to be put into orbit.

    The satellite will greatly improve the effectiveness of accomplishing tasks relating to ensuring national security, the promptness and quality of space data available to consumers. It will also become a driver of development of science-intensive manufacturing facilities and technologies in the space industry in addition to attracting talented young citizens to it.

    The decree’s implementation will help secure Belarus’ positive image as a space power and a high-tech state. It will be instrumental in the propaganda of Belarusian knowledge and competences in the area of peaceful uses of outer space.